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Folk, Roots, World and Acoustic
Music in Baton Rouge
and South Central Louisiana


Welcome Back To The Hootenanny Power Pages, Folk and Roots Music Playlist, and Coming Events in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.  The Hootenanny Power radio show, since 1981 WRKF  Public Radio Baton Rouge.  The live audio stream may be heard via computer, Saturday nights, 9 pm to midnight central time, at, or on the airwaves at 89.3

Hootenanny Power Live Streaming Only!  Broadcast regulations and licensing make podcasting or archiving rights for music programs murky murky murky.  Unless and until these matters are cleared up, Hootenanny Power will be live streaming only, 9 pm to midnight central time, Saturday nights


HENRY GRAY, every Tuesday night 6 - 8 pm

Time Out Lounge (smokefree) on Bennington


News from the Red Dragon: contact

Red Dragon TheWebsite:




We have an incredible group of shows upcoming at both the Manship Theatre and at the Red Dragon Listening Room. Sure hope you can make em all. Or at least some of them, anyway!!!

[Editor's Note: Above is an image of the Dragon's latest schedule. If it does not appear on your screen, it may be found at and/or at ]

Sellout Alerts....

I've been warning folks for two weeks about these shows. Next week I plan to announce two more HUGE shows at the same time I shut down these three shows. If you would like to attend them, get your seats now....

Oct 7  RECKLESS KELLY (band)   ***12 regular seats left***

Oct 11  JOHN SCHNEIDER (solo)     ***Nine regular seats left***

Oct 25   PAUL THORN BAND   ***Four regular seats left***

Sorry, you are too late for this one.

Thanks, Y'all....... Chris Maxwell


Dyson House 

Listening Room
Address: 7575 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Advance Tickets at
Dyson House Listening Room Upcoming Schedule
08/31 Jamie Lynn Vessels with Anne Alise Hastings
09/07 Papa Malis Wake of the Dead with an Allstar Lineup
09/14 Ship of Fools and Hurricane Becca and Her Outer Band
09/20 The Sugarcane Jane with Kristin Courville and Eric Disanto
09/23 Weeping Willows Bluegrass Band and Robert King
09/27 Catherine Britt and the Cold Cold Hearts
10/04 The Pine Leaf Boys with TMonde 
10/05 Paul Sanchez and Clint Alphin
10/11 John PaPa Gros
10/12 Ted Hefko and the Thousandaires with the Nancy Roppolo's Trio
10/19 Lee Barber with David Hinson and Bruce Golden
Thursday, October 25  Fort Defiance
Friday, October 26  The Mulligan Brothers with Kristin  
                                    Courville and Eric DiSanto at    
Friday, November 2  The Way Down Wanderers
Friday, November 16  Minos the Saint
Friday, November 30  Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes
[Editor's Note: The latest Dyson House schedule may be found online at ]
ReOpening the House
Dyson House Listening Room
Baton Rouge, LA
Dyson House Listening Room (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) needs your help to raise $20,000 to make updates to bring the building up to standards for hosting and providing for those patrons with mobility issues. Help us get back in the house by May 1, 2018. Please help us in any way you can - no amount is too small!

Your tax deductible donation can be made here or by sending a check to:
Dyson House LR, Inc.
4180 Churchill Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(Artist, number of airplays on folk radio)
1. David Davis and the Warrior River Boys (116)
2. Tret Fure (98)
3. Fink, Marxer & Gleaves (96)
4. Andrew Collins Trio (87)
5. Ry Cooder (77)
5. Nancy Cassidy (77)
7. Slocan Ramblers (76)
8. Chuck Brodsky (75)
8. Laurie MacAllister (75)
10. Reggie Harris (69)
10. Pharis and Jason Romero (69)
12. John Prine (68)
13. Rod Abernethy (66)
14. David Francey (63)
15. Joe Jencks (58)
16. Indigo Girls (57)
17. John McCutcheon (52)
17. Emerald Rae (52)
19. Tom Russell (50)
20. Kate Callahan (48)
21. Cosy Sheridan & Charlie Koch (47)
21. Tim O'Brien (47)
21. Roe Family Singers (47)
24. Joe Rollin Porter (46)
24. Richard Ruane and Beth Duquette (46)
24. Joel Mabus (46)
27. Kennedys (45)
28. Jeffrey Foucault (44)
29. Blue Yonder (41)
30. Bob Dylan (40)
31. Ana Egge (39)
32. Dom Flemons (38)
33. Willie Nelson (37)
34. Kittel and Co (36)
35. Low Lily (35)
35. Doc Watson (35)
35. Tom Rush (35)
35. Jesse Terry (35)
39. Vi Wickam and Justin Branum (34)
40. Joan Baez (33)

BLUEGRASS NEWS:  Bluegrass & Olde Tyme acoustic string music on the Rivers,Bayous and Roadside Ditches of Louisiana.


 Sunday bluegrass jams held in different locations. We are confirming the jam time and place by text message to your cell phone, if we have your number.  So, send us your cell number for text messaging, if you desire to have up-to-the-hour info on jam attendance etc.
J Harris
B R Bluegrass Ass'n
Tel/text:  225.252.2708
Reminder:  4th Sat. Jam at Main Street Market at 11:00 am,
Sunday Jam at George's Southside 2:45 pm - 5:00 +
 regular jams
Mon "HI HO Lounge" - St. Claude Ave - New Orleans 8- 10 pm 
Mon "Cite des Arts Theatre" - downtown Lafayette 7- 9 pm  (canc'd on Mar 21)
Tues "Counter Culture" coffe shop - Slidell 5:45 pm
Sun Baton Rouge Bluegrass Association jams,
INFO/text:  225.252.2708
1st Sun "Tom's Fiddle & Bow" Arnaudville, 1-4 pm
1st Sun "Hootenancy" at Birdman Cafe, St Fran 5 pm (pot luck)
2nd & 4th Sat - "Main Street Market" 5th & Main in BR - 11 am 'til 1 pm

Mon nite -
Lagniappe Dulcimer Soc'y - 6 pm, Comm'y Bible Church, 8354 Jeffersn Hwy - in BR
2nd Sat (only) Cajun Dulcimer Soc'y - 10 am - Acad'n Cultrl Cntr - in Laf.

Check the
for major bluegrass events in 2016 within easy driving range.

Baton Rouge Bluegrass Ass'n
(Jonathan Harris, Social Chairman /Janitor)
P O Box 4112, Baton Rouge LA 70821 (Louisiana)
Tel. (225) 387-1600; Text 225.252.2708
Home of BlueGrass on the Bayou
Louisiana Bluegrass & Olde Tyme Music
HARRIS Law Firm - main financial supporter, preparing estate plans and last will and trust documents for the serious bluegrass fan concerned about his family and estate, and the perpetual care of his banjos, mandolins, violins and Martin guitars. Proceeds go to concerts and jams.

Gerard Furniture in BR - generous financial supporter, contributing to bringing in guest performers for Jams. Show support by visiting the store and mentioning "bluegrass."

Baton Rouge Bluegrass Ass'n
(Jonathan Harris, Social Chairman /Janitor)
P O Box 4112, Baton Rouge LA 70821 (Louisiana)
Tel. (225) 387-1600




WXPN Radio posted the stream (and free download) of a new tribute
song tolegendary folk dj Gene Shay performed by 25 Philly based
artists.  You can read and hear (and download) the song here:



Les Kerr has a new blog about the musical connection between Nashville and New Orleans. From Louis Armstrong’s collaboration with Jimmie Rodgers to Del McCoury playing with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, the connection continues at:


"Though it's impossible to pinpoint a particular moment when immigrants began inventing American music, a dramatic turning point surely occurred in 1804, the year a young nation made the Louisiana Purchase. President Thomas Jefferson sought to buy from the French just the city of New Orleans, because of its crucial value as a port. But a cash-strapped Napoleon sold the entire, still-uncharted Louisiana Territory for $15 million — roughly 4 cents an acre.  In a single stroke, America became a thrilling, noisy eruption of sound.",0,6735268.column



My name is Rebecca Sharky. I am the GM of Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, LA.   I'd like for Cafe Des Amis to be considered as an alternative non-smoking venue to your folk friends. If you have any suggestions, please email me.

Thank you!

Cafe Des Amis <


"I have been affected by secondhand smoke.  I remember one night I was playing in a club and I went to hit a high note and I almost blacked out on stage.  I had to hold the microphone to keep from falling down. There was so much smoke in the place that it had a negative impact on my singing."
--Deacon John

Music selections from  audio collections at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's  Southern Folklife Collection are now being streamed online. Visitors can  tune in to channels that feature music in five genres: old-time music;  country and bluegrass; folk revival; rhythm, blues, and boogie; and the  eclectic “SFC Mix.” The purpose of our radio stream is to make our holdings  available for educational use.

To listen  visit:






When the song of the angel is stilled,
When the star in the sky is gone,
When the kings and princes are home,
When the shepherds are back with their flocks,
The work of Christmas begins:
   To find the lost,
   To heal the broken,
   To feed the hungry,
   To release the prisoner,
   To rebuild the nations,
   To bring peace among brothers,
   To make music in the heart.



This website is updated Saturdays, before the Hootenanny Power radio show at 9 pm on WRKF.  Please don't wait until Monday or Tuesday after the radio show to send me info on a performance that coming Friday.  It definitely won't make the show, and probably won't make the website.  tlcaffery at yahoo dot com


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